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Our Mission | Space Saving

1. Eden sources the best furniture on our own thereby removing any middlemen to eliminate unnecessary costs, resulting in a reasonable priced furniture.

2. With a focus on a space saving solution, Eden delivers original, quality and carefully curated smart furniture designs that makes your room look much bigger.

3. Lastly, not only must your furniture look good and stylish, it must be multipurpose with the flexibility to function usefully in your room, hence, the term, ‘Smart Living’.

4. As such, Eden makes a promise to our valuable customers, which is to provide quality and smart space saving furniture solutions at the best value, while delivering to any doorstep in Singapore. It’s the whole experience!

5. We want to be your choice for your space saving solutions. So, live smart with us.





Common Problems We All Face

Have you ever fallen in love with a furniture, yet finding it unreasonably priced? We have!

Have you ever fallen in love with a furniture, yet finding it too big for your room? We have!

Have you ever fallen in love with a furniture, yet finding it quite unnecessary? We have!

Eden Smart Living envisioned all these problems and came up with solutions to save customers from these headaches.

Our Story in Singapore Online Furniture Store

Eden Smart Living is the up and coming Singapore online furniture store and online marketplace offering Smart and Space Saving furniture solutions in Singapore.

With product ranges from Wardrobe, Mattress, Desk Bed and Bedroom Accessories.

We do our best to promise of fast, secure and convenient digital shopping experience, extending till free delivery service enhanced with a Buyer’s Protection Policy, we want you to be live smart and GO-TO our furniture online marketplace

You are still bothered by the lack of human touch? Come down to our showroom at 51 Sims Avenue NOW! let our expertise recommend you the space saving furniture!

Eden Smart Living aims to make your shopping experience effortless.