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Buyer Protection Policy

Eden Smart Living Buyer Protection Policy

Eden Smart Living’s Buyer Protection Policy protects the Buyer if: (a) a Product purchased has not been delivered (“ND”); (b) the delivered Product is not as described by Eden Smart Living (“NAD”);

As soon as the Buyer files a Case via phone, email or any other methods, Eden Smart Living will review the Case within 48 hours and may require the Buyer to provide more information. All decision made by Eden Smart Living on the filed Cases under Buyer Protection Policy is to be final.

1. Eligibility

1.1 In order to qualify for Eden Smart Living’s Buyer Protection Policy: (a) the Buyer has purchased a Product; (b) paid for it via the payment methods prescribed by Eden Smart Living.

2. ND - Not Delivered

2.1 For a paid Product, if delivery has been agreed, and the Product has not been delivered within the stipulated time, please allow us sufficient time to trace the delivery and update you as soon as possible (refer to Terms & Conditions, clause 8.3 & 8.4). If it’s determined to be lost in transit, we will look into the Case and refund the full cost to you.

3 NAD – Not as Described

3.1 The received Product significantly differs from its Product description, for example, receiving a wardrobe instead of a desk bed.

3.2 The actual condition of the received Product differs significantly from condition as described OR the Product is incomplete/unusable, for example, missing parts. For such cases, we will let you exchange the Product with the delivery fees waived, depending on a case by case basis.

3.3 Buyer also has a responsibility to notify us of any defects within 48 hours of receipt/delivery (refer to Terms & Conditions, clause 9.1).

4. Availability of Eden Smart Living’s Buyer Protection Policy

4.1 Eden Smart Living reserves the right to modify the Buyer Protection Policy at its sole discretion and without naming reasons. In case of any open Cases being affected, they will still be processed under the old Buyer Protection Policy until a final decision has been reached.