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Useful Small Bedroom Configurations

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December 3, 2018
Modern-Architecture-Ideas-for-Your-Perfect Home
Modern Architecture Ideas for Your Perfect Home
December 3, 2018


The furniture arrangement in the room reflects the lifestyle of dwellers. So, create a friendly environment which not only supports your daily routine but in addition, speaks your mind. The bedroom is the space where one spends their time relaxing and enjoying. Don’t let the space in the bedroom limit your arrangement ideas. Think out from the box to use the space in a highly effective and productive way. Here are several ideas that could shape your bedroom right into a beautiful room.

  • Focus on the Bed- As it will define the whole configuration. Bear in mind the profile of the room before shopping for beds. Avoid plain styles because they serve a meagre purpose. Choose a versatile bed that may overcome space limitations. Murphy beds, Trundle beds, and Bunk beds would be the prominent space savers.
  • Murphy beds are second to none when it comes to utility. They could be arranged vertically or horizontally depending on the dimensions of the room. On the flip side, it takes the restructuring of the wall.
  • Trundle beds include a pull out drawer underneath the bed where you can place blankets or bed sheets. You’ve to become a bit careful regarding the wall clearance.
  • Bunk beds are well suited for limited spaces. They come in different sizes and designs. Functional Bunk beds are taking centre stage in lots of contemporary bedrooms. They add value to space.
  • If you are a Bookworm, then look for a Bookshelf that fits behind the bed. It would mimic a headboard with a bookcase. It occupies 10 to 12 inches of the space. If you have a low clearance space behind the bed, then look for a bed which features Bookshelves at the foot end of the bed. Even small crates of the shelve can be filled with blankets.


  • Choose Nightstands that occupies minuscule space. A thin and tall Nightstand offers more storage area compared to normal ones. The saved space can be used to place a reading chair.
  • As every inch in the tiny bedroom matters, don’t leave the space underneath the dresser empty. You can place storage baskets or catchall baskets.
  • Why choose a Vanity set when you can have a Chest of Drawers? Add a mirror to the wall to which the dresser is put against it. It’s a simple creation with good value.
  • If you’d like space to decorate the bedroom, then choose a Wall mounted Shelf that could showcase your prized possessions.

Declutter the bedroom by organizing things. Although it takes some time, it will reward you in an excellent way.


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