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New home design tips

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December 3, 2018
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December 3, 2018


Set the Standards of your Front Door

The first impression is the best impression, Create the main door that gives a warm welcome to your guests. Doors can be a big impact on the visitors; Set the standards of your front door as a primary goal to make outsiders fall in love with your house even before visiting it.


Making your Entryway with a Mirror

Your living room is the first thing people see after the front door- so decorating it is a very important task to give elegant look to your home. Invite people with an entryway mirror to give a unique feel to your guests. It not only adds elegance but also brings sufficient reflection of light in the house.


Sofa in the Living room speaks a lot

If you have ever checked out a hotel or restaurant, you can observe that the sofa and chairs are placed in ‘U’ or ‘H’ shapes. This is to make people face each other to invite conversations. Similarly, you need to place your sofa and chairs facing each other. Some people place the sofa to the corner of the room in order to make the room look bigger, but in fact, it only makes your room look larger and gives you an empty feeling. Remember, your living room is a room for conversation.


White furniture makes a room look bigger

If you feel your room is compact and want to make it look bigger, one choice is white furniture. White furniture has the power to make any room look bigger than it actually is. This simple step can bring a big change to your rooms.


Gallery Wall, inexpensive yet brings a highly expensive look

No matter how your room is, the little accessories in it can give you an entirely different and amazing feeling. A gallery wall is one such thing. Gather all your favourite photos or arts and fix it to walls. It is suggested to use black, white and tan frames to add elegance touch. Forget the old-fashioned formal photo grid.


Prefer contrasting styles

You need to mix it up and decorate your home to have an outstanding look. Mix the expensive and inexpensive things and decorate your home. Never shop just in one shop, go explore all the shops and find out the best to match the selected one. Mixing and matching are important formulae for making the best look. But putting a cap on a number of contrast styles is important to avoid a cluttered feeling.

Say “No” to the same look

It is pretty important to say goodbye to old boring look. Change your house look as often as you change your own style to be unique. Never settle on one look because change is always good to have.


Add greenery to all the rooms

Plants are the most inexpensive yet can be used as accessories to decorate your home. Plants add life and colour to each room. Not only for a beautiful look, but it also helps to keep the room clean.


Curtains make a room

Yes, Curtains make a room but it happens only when the right ones are chosen. Choose your curtains depending on the wall paints and furniture in the room. Use high length curtains if you have lower ceilings to make them look larger.


Painting matters the most in Home decors

Painting is the key factor that has the power to make your house look either awesome or awful. So it should be chosen carefully. Select the colours that look good with the material and furniture you have. Prefer softer and lighter colours in smaller rooms to make it look bigger than they are. Select saturated colours in darker or dim rooms to carry out the look.


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